5 Reasons to Buy Your Festival Ticket Today!

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So many people have already snapped up tickets for this year's festival - and we can't blame them! But if you're yet to make that purchase, we've got a few good reasons why you should do it today...

1) It's Monday

And Mondays can kind of suck sometimes. Buying your ticket will literally make your day amazing! You’ll forget that it’s Monday. You’ll forget that it’s January. You’ll forget that’s cold and wintery outside. You’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling and butterflies in your stomach as you start picturing yourself dancing and prancing around Beal Farm, under those spectacular September skies, struck by the stars (in the sky and on our stages), whilst quenching your thirst with Lindisfarne Mead. Oh yeaaaaah now that will definitely make you feel warm & fuzzy! #HappyMonday

2) You’ll save money

Like seriously, if you wait even just 36 hours, you’ll miss out on the best pricing ever! Our price freeze ends at midnight on 31st January and then the price of all tickets will increase. Right now, tickets are cheaper than last year’s earlybirds. In fact they’re even cheaper than they were in 2015! That’s kind of insane when you think about it, especially considering how much we’re ramping thing up...We’ve got bigger headliners, more stages, more workshops & just all round more awesomeness. Our prices are CRAZY good!

3) You could win a FREE Glamping Upgrade

Yes, you heard us right - EVERYONE who has booked a ticket before midday tomorrow (31st Jan) will be entered into our prize draw to win a free 2 night stay in a beautiful deluxe bell tent. That’s a luxurious prize worth £295! The odds are pretty decent to start with and the tents can accommodate up to four people - so if you’re coming with a few friends, your chances of winning are even better! But you’ve got to get your ticket to be in it to win it.

standard lindisfarne festival glamping deluxe lindisfarne festival glamping

4) You’ll get access to our Glamping pre-sale

If you’re not lucky enough to win the prize draw - you’ll still get first dibs on our glamping packages. Ok, it’s not as good as getting one for free but if you’re thinking of indulging in a little bit of extra comfort and booking one of our beautiful bell tents to stay in - you really shouldn’t hang about. There is a very limited number of glamping packages available and our earlybird ticket buyers will have 48 hours to snap them up before we share them with the public on Friday 3rd Feb. If you snooze you might lose out. And no one wants that to happen. We want to you sleep soundly, and be all nice and cosy so when you wake up at the festival you'll be bursting with energy and ready to rock.

5) You’ll help us to sleep at night

Haha yeah - for real! Putting on this festival is kind of hard work (but we love it!) We’re working super hard day and night to pull out all the stops to make sure Lindisfarne Festival gets better each year and is here to stay for a looooong time to come. But obsessively watching ticket sales is ridiculously tiring yet it manages to keep us awake some nights. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re super confident this year will be a complete sell out. But the sooner we hit that mark, the sooner we can stop thinking about it and the more time we can spend on making the festival AMAZING! Actually, we spend more than enough time on that as it is - we could just do with a little more time to sleep ;)

So go on, hit that button below... you know you want to. And we know you absolutely won't regret it.
This really is going to be the BEST weekend of the year!



Or if you need another 5 reasons... Check out our 2017 lineup page!

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