Ain't no party like a Festival Party

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Whether you're planning a hen party, a stag party, a divorce party (coz yeah, they seem to be a thing these days) a birthday party or a 'I wanna have so much fun I forget I'm getting old' party - Lindisfarne Festival should be top of the party venue list.

Here's 9 good reasons why...

1) There's something for everyone to enjoy

When there's a big group of you - trying to find a place to eat / drink / party that ticks everyone's boxes can be such hard work. You won't have that problem here at the festival, that's for sure! From music, to food, activities to accommodation - there's such a great variety to suit everyones taste and budget. No need to piss off Peter to please Paul. You can ALL enjoy the party! The rockers can rock out, the ravers can rave, and the part-timers can chill out on a floor cushion with a nice cup of Chai. Then you can all gather at the circle of inclusion with some delicious food from a vendor of personal choice, and voila! everyone's a happy camper (or glamper).

2) It's totally affordable & worth EVERY penny

I'm yet to experience a hen weekend that costs under £100! And generally that's just for the transport, accommodation & perhaps a cocktail making class or club entry (insert other 'typical hen party activity' here). Throw some spending money on top of that and hey ho what do you know - you've just spend close to a few hundred quid. But in my experience, the value of these weekends always leaves me feeling somewhat robbed (and usually wondering why the hell did I drink those last 3 shots of tequila). Now don't get me wrong, yes I have a great time in the company of some wonderful people - but believe me, you'd get way more bang for your buck at the festival.

For just £55, you get access to the festival arena and our campsite from 9am on Saturday until 3pm on Sunday. That's a whole 30 hours! During that time, you can enjoy 40+ bands & DJ's, numerous workshops and as much or as little amazing food, drinks & therapies as you care to indulge in. Of course food, drink & treatments aren't included in the ticket price, but are very reasonably priced and with an incredible selection of therapists and vendors, you certainly won't be disappointed. And of course if you're partying on a shoestring, you are more than welcome to bring your own party buffet & drink supplies to the campsite.

guest of honour3) The guest of honour can come for FREE!

With our special group booking discount you can get 10 festival tickets for the price of 8! Which not only means the hen / stag / birthday boy or girl can come for FREE but it also means everyone else can save around £10 - making it even more affordable for all!

4) We do all the organising

Well, almost all of it! We can't do your packing or arrange who's sharing who's tent. But in terms of music, entertainment & things to do - we've got you well and truly covered! We can also advise you on what to bring, how to get here (it's super easy by car & cheap by train) - we can even arrange a free shuttle from Berwick Train Station to the festival site. Just check out the info section of our website, read our FAQs or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any further questions.

5) You can party for hours or for days

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat? Or Rave, Rave, Eat, Repeat? Everyone has their own preferences. For some people, one night of drinking & dancing is more than enough. Whilst others may like to dance til the sun comes up, grab a couple hours of shut-eye, and party til the sun rises once again. The beauty of having your party at the festival, is that the party can last as long as you (and your guests) want. With 3 types of festival passes available (Full Pass, Weekend Pass & Saturday Pass), you & your partygoers can mix it up and stay for as long (or as little) as you all like. If some of you are up for the full 3 dayer but others would prefer to just join for the Saturday - that's okay! No one needs to be forced into staying later or leaving earlier than their heart & body desires.

6) The party doesn't have to be ALL partying...

For those that do opt to stay and party with us for 2-3 nights - don't worry about burning out, as there'll be plenty of body & soul nourishing activities for you to partake in during the days. With a full schedule of workshops, holistic therapies & wellness activities, there's no need to load your bags with Berocca & Red Bull in order to survive the weekend. Take your time, take a breath and relax for a little while at one of our chill out cafes. Sleep in late or wake up early and get energised for the day with some morning yoga & meditation. Soothe your aching body with a massage or reiki treatment, or if you're feeling energetic - you can sign up for a spot of salsa dancing, hula-hooping or hike over to Holy Island. It's your party, you can do what you want to do!

7) There's hangover cures in abundance

If you happen to go a little wild on the wine, bonkers on the beer... or if you're like me and like to sample everything on the drinks menu - despite your body (and your mother) telling you time and time again not to mix your drinks... FEAR NOT! We've got you covered!

double espresso shotsFor starters, nothing cures a hangover like getting outdoors and breathing in that glorious Northumberland sea air. But if that alone won't suffice, then a hearty Northumbrian breakfast buttie from one of our onsite food vendors or cafes, or a super healthy fruit smoothie from our Wasted Bar is sure to put you on the path to feeling wonderfully human again. Failing that, if you need an extra bit of help - get right up and HIT THE SHOTS!

No, I'm not talking hair of the dog here (although that works too and the beer tent does open at 11am), but I meant you can hit up one of our specialist coffee vendors for a double shot of espresso. And once your energy levels begin to rise, then it's time for that hair of  the dog. You are at a festival after all! So get ready to raise a glass (or rather a recyclable cup), wash down the rest of that hangover and prepare yourself for another mindblowingly awesome day & night (just with more dancing & maybe slightly less drinking this time around!)

8) It's an experience you'll never forget

If you're marking an occasion, you want it to be memorable, right? Something a little bit different. If you've never been to a festival before - it's time to find out what you're missing. If you're a seasoned festival goer - then surely this is a no-brainer! All your favourite people, in a spectacular location, enjoying great music & entertainment, amazing food, wonderful views... Singing, dancing, laughing til your face hurts. Ain't no party like a Lindisfarne Festival party, that's for sure!

9) Anything goes! (well, almost anything)

Strippers are so cliche! We much prefer scantily-clad fire dancers (it doesn't get much hotter than that!) But if a strip show is an absolute necessity for your party - just ask us in advance ;-) everyone is open minded here and we're willing to go all out to ensure that you and your partygoers have the BEST PARTY EVER! If that means we have to put in a request to get Colonel Mustard to spice things up a little more or ask The Lancashire Hotpots to whip out the meat and two veg... then so be it!

But on a serious note, we would like you to have an amazing party here at the festival - so if there's any special requests, please do just let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate them.

So what are you waiting for?? Round up your mates and get set for the greatest party of your life!

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festival hen party"I had my hen party at Lindisfarne Festival 2016 and it was one of the best weekends I've ever had! The staff organising really went out their way to make it a special weekend for me and the rest of the group.
We stayed in the Bell tents which really added a bit of glam to the weekend. We all had a lot of fun and there was so much to do and see to keep everyone of all ages entertained through the day through to the early hours.
I really recommend Lindisfarne Festival to anyone looking to celebrate a special event in a different way."
- Kathryn Earle

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