Give the Greatest Christmas Gift of All!

Danielle Young Written by 

Don't get us wrong, we love stuff. Stuff is great and fun and comes in all shapes and sizes. We've got loads of it. Most of which finds its way under the bed, hidden in boxes or at the back of the garage. Yet we can guarantee we'll still end up getting and giving loads more stuff this Christmas.

Gift experiences are better than things...

But here's the thing with things; half of the things we get for Christmas we probably don't even want or need! And as for the other half - well, after all the Christmas cheer has fizzled out, we get bored of them, they break, or they get eaten. That's just the way it is!

So this festive season, why not mix it up a little and get someone a Lindisfarne Festival ticket instead. Why you may ask?! Well, we can think of a few good reasons...

1) Experiences last longer! Put it this way, would you rather spend the weekend hanging out with your best friends dancing under the stars, singing along to the best bands and laughing with/at your mates? Or be the proud owner of a new spice rack/scented candle/novelty gadget?

And because the festival doesn't start until the end of August - you can spend a whole 8 months getting excited, making plans and feeling the buzz in the build up to the big weekend.

2) Socks are so 2015! Well, unless they're welly socks - welly socks are fab!

3) If you like someone, get them something that makes memories, not dust. In five years time are you really going to look back and reminisce about all the fun you had with your new kitchen blender? Thought not!

4) Tickets start from only £45. In case you need that putting into context, that's the same as a nice knitted jumper, a perfume gift set, a fine bottle of wine or 10 pairs of socks. Although like we said, socks are so last year.

5) Tickets are much easier to wrap than a unicorn or ukulele. (both of which you're sure to be able to have a turn on at the festival anyway!)


So go on... grab a Lindisfarne Festival ticket now and give someone a gift that will truly rock somebody's Christmas socks off!

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