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 Gingers on Guitars (GOGs): Barry Fratelli / Ed Sheeran / Andy Champion Gingers on Guitars (GOGs): Barry Fratelli / Ed Sheeran / Andy Champion

Ok, we’re not Glastonbury and we never will be. And we’ve certainly got some hugely distinct differences, such as our lack of miniature humans*. In fact, make that humans in general (given our significantly smaller capacity and the fact that we could fit our Beal Farm site into the Glasto perimeter about 100 times over).

But with the gates of the Glasto now open once again, I thought I'd take the opportunity to highlight a few of our commonalities with the mother of all UK festivals. After all, Glasto did light the spark that ignited a fire fuelled with inspiration, which led Lindisfarne Festival to where it is today...

Read about how LF began here

So, what do Glastonbury and Lindisfarne Festival 2017 have in common?

Here’s a few things that spring to mind...

Headliners with EPIC anthems!

They may not be the Foo Fighters but there’s no denying that The Fratellis and The View have some epic party anthems worthy of a festival-crowd roaring encore. I for one can’t wait to belt out a bit of 'Chelsea Dagger’ & ‘Same Jeans’.


An eclectic lineup of music

A lot of festivals and music events cater for a particular niche. But oh no, not us! We prefer to take the Glasto approach of 'something for everyone!' From folk to funk, ska to punk, you name it we’ve both probably got it! The Showhawk DuoBackyard Rhythm Orchestra, Little Mammoths and the legend that is Norman Jay MBE are just a few of the names to be making their mark at both Glastonbury & Lindisfarne Festival this year

The Showhawk Duo
The Showhawk Duo

Norman Jay MBE

Backyard Rhythm Orchestra
Backyard Rhythm Orchestra

A BBC Introducing Stage

Every summer, you'll find the BBC Introducing stage at major events and festivals like Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds, Radio 1's Big Weekend, and now for the second year running - Lindisfarne Festival too! Featuring the very best undiscovered and emerging artists, this year our BBC Introducing lineup is headed up by Newcastle's hottest new rock trio The Pale White! These guys are so good it's no surprise that they've been selected to play at Glastonbury too this year. Go and smash it guys!!

A straight up serving of Beans on Toast

No I'm not talking about food, I’m talking about 'the' Beans on Toast - a self-confessed hippy, punk, poet, drunk, die-hard romantic and eternal optimist. A regular Glasto-crowd pleaser, this weekend he'll be entertaining folk at Worthy Farm once again with his back-catalog of polemic, thought-provoking and somewhat hilariously random songs (such as ‘I fancy Laura Marling’ & ‘M.D.M Amazing’).


This guy is defo one to watch when he hits the Northumberland coast to perform for us at Beal Farm in September. Unless you're a Theresa May fan... in which case, you may want to avoid him.

A mouthwatering lineup of food vendors

Mmm yes now I’m talking about food! But I can’t talk about it too much as our food lineup hasn’t been announced yet (plus it will make me hungry). But put it this way, it’s got me drooling! Keep an eye on our Facebook page over the next few weeks if you can handle all the tastebud tantalizing pictures we'll be posting as we share details of all our Glasto-quality Street Food Market vendors.

Huey Morgan on the decks

The Fun Lovin’ Criminals frontman, (who - second to Dave Grohl - is possibly the coolest bloke on earth), will be entertaining the crowds at both Worthy Farm & Beal Farm with his banging beats & witty philosopHUEY banter.

Make sure you don't miss Huey's DJ set in our Shorefields dance tent on Friday 2nd September.

Huey Morgan

A crackin' comedy lineup

Hosting Glastonbury's main comedy tent this year is none other than Punch Drunk Comedy founder: Kai Humphries! Born & bred in south Northumberland & renowned for putting on the UK's BEST comedy events right here in the North East, we knew it was a no-brainer getting Kai and the Punch Drunk crew to takeover the Lindisfarne Festival comedy tent this year... Seems Glastonbury have taken a leaf out of our book on this one! We can't wait to share with you the incredible lineup they've curated for us. They'll be making the announcement live from their next event on July 3rd in Blyth (which stars recent Britain's Got Talent runner up Daliso Chaponda!!) Told you these guys know how to bag top comedy talent!

A ginger on a guitar

So my banter isn’t quite as good as Huey’s or Kai’s but after an epic Saturday night dancing to Smoove & Turrell and The Fratellis (who both have a somewhat ginger bass guitarist), we won’t be needing Ed Sheeran at Lindisfarne Festival to sing us to sleep on the Sunday. Nope, we’ll all be happily starfished and snoring in our beds come Sunday evening.

A healing field

Well ok, we only have part of a field dedicated to all the wonderful things that soothe your body, mind & soul - but our Healing Sanctuary is going to be it's own little world this year. 

DJ’s you can rave to until the early hours

Our Shorefields is certainly no Shangri-La (yet!) but if you want to dance until you drop there’s a floor with your name on it and a banging line up of DJ's to keep the music pulsing until the very early hours. 

Dave Grohl!

Seriously! David Grohl is coming to Lindisfarne Festival! (or at least someone who shares the same name as the legendary Foo’s frontman). Oh how I wish I could say we had won the lottery and spent it all on booking the Foo Fighters for a secret headline slot. Maybe next year! Or who knows, maybe the infamous Mr Grohl might actually have purchased a ticket to our little fest and will be gracing us with his presence on the Northumberland shores. I’ll save a spot in my tent just in case :-P A girl can dream, right?

Dave Grohl Foo Fighters


So anyway, before I get too distracted by Foo Fighters fantasies, let me give a quick shout out to some of the Lindisfarne Festival alumni who are also gracing the stages of Glasto this year: British Sea Power, Nadine Shah, Chainska Brassika, Craig Charles, The Tribe, The Church, Mixmaster Morris, DJ Yoda, Ghetto Funk Allstars (sorry if I missed anyone! But Glasto’s lineup is ridiculously huge) If you’re fortunate enough to be at Worthy Farm this weekend, go show them all some love!

And of course if you weren’t lucky enough to grab a golden Glasto ticket or if the idea of 135,000 festivalgoers, a festival site bigger than a city and mile long trek to your car sounds more like your hell than heaven**, then why not come along to our much smaller but perfectly formed and equally fun festival here on the beautiful North East coast.

Whilst Glastonbury has about a million other cool things we don’t have here at Lindisfarne Festival, we’ve got a few things awesome things that Glasto doesn’t have too - like a tidal island right on our doorstep for one!

Book your ticket and come explore the rest of the wonderful experiences & entertainment we have on offer both at the festival and on the gorgeous Northumberland coast.


I mean children. Dwarfs, elves and other small adults are 100% welcome (provided they are over 18 years of age)

**Glasto is my heaven (and Dave Grohl is my God) incase you hadn’t figured that out already haha! Now I'm off to go have a good hard CRY at the fact that I sacrificed my opportunity to see all time favourite band this weekend at my all time favourite big festival to help promote this amazing little festival here on my doorstep (so please get a ticket and come party with me at Beal Farm in September, so that my HUGE sacrifice hasn't been in vain). Plus, it really is a fantastic weekend, so you definitely won't regret it! ;-)


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