Lindisfarne Festival 2016 Highlights

Danielle Young Written by 

Lindisfarne Festival 2016 exceeded our wildest dreams. We really could not have wished for a better second festival. To show off all it's amazingness in just 60 seconds is almost impossible - but if you want a little taster of what goes on over the weekend at Northumberland's best festival - check out the 2016 highlights video...

Oh what a weekend!

3 amazing nights, 2 glorious days, 1 unbelieveable weekend we will surely never forget! The bands were brilliant, the crowd was incredible and the weather was, errrrm... well, this is England so I guess it was pretty decent! In fact it's fair to say, looking at the weather other festivals experienced this year, we had it rather good! The sun shone almost as brightly as the talent on our 6 stages and a little late night drizzle certainly didn't dampen anyones spirits. All day and all night, the atmosphere was truly electric as everyone partied on without a care in the world. 

There was lots of laughing, lots of loving and lots of living life to the max and our videographer Jon did a magnificent job once again at capturing the essence of the festival.

Lindisfarne Festival 2016 Promo Video Soundtrack: "Riot" by Chainska Brassika

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