The 'Glastonbury' of Northumberland

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Photo by Jerry Hawkins from the 1971 Glastonbury Gallery Photo by Jerry Hawkins from the 1971 Glastonbury Gallery

Yesterday brought about some disappointing news for many festival goers of the North, who had been dazzled and excited by the prospect of a Glastonbury sized festival right here in Northumberland. Festival on the Wall (marketed as the 'Glastonbury of Northumberland') is unfortunately the latest of many festivals that has fallen before the finish line and believe us when we say - we feel their pain!

Creating and growing our own Lindisfarne Festival over the last 3 years has been one hell of a ride - and a tough one at that! There have been times when we've felt out of our depth and close to folding, as the financial pressure (on top of life's general pressures) has at times became almost too much to bear.

But what has helped us stay the course and push through the barriers is the overwhelming support and love from our festivalgoers as well as our relentless determination to give the North East the festival it truly deserves. Now whilst many might think that means we should book the all the biggest bands and aim to draw in the masses, we know that in order to make this sustainable we need to take our time and grow organically, by constantly following our hearts, trusting our guts and above all else - listening to our audience!

Each and every day we learn from our mistakes, as well as the mistakes and successes of others. Whilst we would absolutely love (and have been tempted) to bust budgets to land some HUGE name acts, one clear thing we have learned from many other festivals is this: a festival's strength isn't determined by it's lineup - it's determined by it's community, it's ethos and it's spirit. Lindisfarne Festival is truly honoured to have such an amazing and supportive community behind us, who share our vision and believe in what we are creating here.

We're not in this for the short term thrill. We're not in this for the money (although a little paycheck once in a while might actually be kinda nice). We're in this for the long haul because we are hugely passionate about this area and we know that with the ongoing support from our community, we can create something truly magical that will not only fulfil us to the depths of our souls but also allow us to give something back to this beautiful county we call our home.

Glastonbury wasn't created overnight. Behind all the incredibly inspiring Glasto glory that we see and hear of today, there's a 40+ year history and an ethos and community that has grown and strengthened over time. If we want Northumberland to have its own 'Glastonbury', we as a community need to come together and grow it ourselves. We've already planted the seeds, now it's up to us all to make sure that Northumberland's festival culture continues to blossom and thrive.

So, let's get together. Let's create magic. Let's make history. 


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