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If like us, you live by the 'go hard or go home' mantra and want to squeeze every last drop of adventure from this year's festival - join us on our opening night as we kick off Lindisfarne Festival 2017 with a party that will go down in history - literally!

Get your hashtags ready coz this will be a #ThrowbackThursday that you'll want to rewind and re-live over and over again!

Typically the calmest evening of our 3 day festival, Thursday night is all about getting warmed up, settled in and easing your way into the weekend. But this year, we thought we'd start things off with an almighty bang. Coz what better way to get warmed up for the weekend, than dancing the night away to some beltingly good music. And well, since it's Thursday - we're throwing it back!

Step into our time machine and let us take you on an epic journey through some of the best music eras of the last century...

Get ready for #TBT (The Best Time EVER!)


Thursday Night Lineup:

VIKING BREWHOUSE (7pm - Midnight)

Viper Swing

70's Cop Show

Holy Moly & The Crackers

The Viking Brewhouse is proudly sponsored by The Alnwick Brewery

LF Throwback Thursday


Dance To The Future (7pm-10pm)

Enter in to the Delorean Time Machine with your Djs Doc Brown and Marty McFly as they take you on a journey of chronological anthems from the 1950s all the way through to the present day. Revel in the tunes that made each generation rock and marvel at the projections that bring those eras to life. Dance to the future takes you Back To The Future where the party was and is at.

Dafter Punk (10pm-11pm)

Dafter Punk recreate the sights, sounds and visuals of a classic Daft Punk night. Prepare to be transported to a different dimension. Its time to Get Lucky and join the Intergalactic journey.

Fatboy Slima (11pm-12am)

Fatboy Slima is the UKs number 1 Fatboy Slim tribute and is even endorsed by Norman Cook himself. A full-on Fatboy Slim style DJ with the looks, the sounds, the projections, dancers and the lights that recreates the amazing events Norman Cook hosts.


Our Inspiredome lineup is curated by Inspiring Events CIC and Inspired Support: a team that support people with autism spectrum conditions and learning disabilities in the North East to work in and experience the creative industries. A branch of the work they carry out is music production, performance and event promotion. As part of their great work, the team perform as tribute DJs and concept DJs recreating the sights and sounds of some of the biggest DJs in the world. This year they will be bringing their unique concept to Lindisfarne Festival. We are proud to be supporting them in putting on their biggest event to date, which will no doubt bring another great vibe to Beal Farm.


Trust us when we say that these incredible acts are definitely worth spending an extra night sleeping in a tent for... (not that you'll do much sleeping anyway!)


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