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Oh how time flies when you're having fun! It's exactly 19 weeks until we head back to Beal Farm to kick off the party at our third Lindisfarne Festival (and undoubtably our BEST festival yet).

As the 2017 event draws closer and closer, it's got us reminiscing! And as it's 'Throwback Thursday' we thought we'd re-share this blog from our 2015 website, which tells the tale of how our festival journey first began...

(Originally posted 10th Feb 2015)

Enter The Sandman

Last summer, our festival organisers, along with thousands of others, witnessed a truly magical feat: legendary rock band, Metallica, headlining Glastonbury and bringing the Pyramid stage to its knees. Hetfield and Ulrich, Hammett and Trujillo were part of something truly special. A compound of heavy rock and amp-busting music, with the backdrop of rolling hills and sleepy farms; it shouldn’t have worked. But it did. And this got us thinking... Where else in the country could pull off something as magical and brilliant as Glasto? The answer was an obvious one. Northumberland, of course. We couldn’t understand why the North was still awaiting a true festival identity. We knew we had to make it happen...

And so a Northumberland festival dream began!

So here we are, seven months later. We’ve had discussions with Northumberland County Council and meetings with the local parish to talk about all aspects of the event and how we can work together to create the first ever Lindisfarne Festival. We really want it to be a complete success for not only all the visitors, but for the residents and organisations who are in control of what happens inside this beautiful part of the world. Our event is set to be truly niche, something that no one will have experienced before in this indisputably, distinctive location.

We felt it to be incredibly important that not only were we going to present a never-been-done-before music festival in one of England’s most idyllic locations, but to confirm that we would be leaving without a trace. Ecologists have given their time to us to discuss all of the ways that we can hold a festival in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), without compromising its range of inhabitants; both human and wild. This breathtaking area is protected for all its magnificence and we wish to showcase it's beauty, not exploit or damage it.

We love the area and all that it encompasses. From the historical tales to present-day significance. From rolling countryside to beautiful sandy beaches - this part of the Northumberland coast has it all. Not only will you experience a magical festival here, you’ll be visiting one of the UK’s most popular tourist attractions too.

It takes teamwork to make the dream work 

We are truly grateful to have been granted permission and supported with our mission to make our festival dream a reality. Without the love and cooperation of the Northumberland folk, we wouldn’t be able to put the cogs in motion, and plan a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

So if you're wondering which festival you should be going to this summer - wonder no more! If a combination of great music, scrumptious food and overall hedonistic vibe is what you’re looking for, book your ticket to the first ever Lindisfarne Festival. Come join us on our journey and watch as the magic unfolds. Northumberland, our time has come..."


So, once upon a time we had a dream. A dream to bring something special to the North East festival scene. In September 2015, that dream was accomplished with the first Lindisfarne Festival. But the story didn't end there and our dream only continues to grow... Join us for round 3 at Lindisfarne Festival 2017 to see how far we have come and be part of our journey as we move forward with our magnificant plans for the future... 


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